Simba Goes Home to AFRICA

Tues 4th March 2014
I took a little trip away last weekend to Malawi in Africa, via Belgium, Amsterdam & Kenya. Oh...and I took a lion with me. I was documenting Simba the Lion's relocation for the Born Free Foundation. It was a fantastic experience to be part of, especially to meet the legendary Virginia McKenna, OBE. She is truly a quite remarkable & lovely lady. I shot the whole film on my 5dMk3. - A gamble what with the unpredictable nature of actuality, but I am happy with the result. Every shot is hand held. My main lens was the canon 24-105mm F4, but I slipped a Samyang 14mm 2.8 for a couple of shots and had no choice to go for the Canon 70-300mm F2.8 once Simba was finally released from his cage. I couldn't risk him wandering away from camera and not being able to get close enough in. This meant no real wide shots, but two fences, (one electrified) had already seen to that. For sound I had a Sennheiser top mic and a sony radio mic. The airplane window shots came from my trusty Lumix - DMC-FT3 & I used a Drift HD Ghost for the POV shots. I edited the project on FCP 6 on a 2009 imac.  It's render times were horrendous. Time to upgrade I think! This is the ungraded version and therefore a little dark in places. ENJOY!

Please Don't Throw Us Away
Wed 8th May 2013
Some days, it's good to forget about all the serious TV work and just have a laugh. Yesterday's challenge. Make a video without moving more than 6ft from my desk, including all original footage and soundtrack. Ridiculous, I know!

No Politics Here

Wed 17th April 2013 - Margaret Thatcher's Funeral.
A good opportunity to try out 50fps on the Canon 5dMk3. All handheld with 24-105mm F4 L series lens. Shame it's only 720p. Batch converted to 25fps using Compressor , then edited on FCP. Untreated. No grade.


This is my 'dubreel' from 2007.  I got the idea from an interview I shot with Lord Puttnam... He's right you know! Listen!


I bought a small £200 pocket stills camera last year. The Lumix - DMC-FT3. The camera shoots HD and is waterproof upto 12metres. So I took it on a little trek around Colombia.  I have to admit I am astounded by the quality. Here's my holiday movie.